Off-grid solar systems


Green Energy Options are your local agent for Off-grid Energy Australia. We can assist you with a range of different Off-Grid and grid connect solar battery storage options.

Have you purchased a block of land with no electricity connected?

Is it going to be expensive to connect power on site?

Are you spending too much money on fuel for a noisy, smelly generator?

Would you like to free yourself from the relentless price increases of the electricity network?

or do you just want to work towards energy independence and sustainability?

There are a number of reasons to choose an off-grid or stand alone solar power system, in many cases it will  be the most cost effective or only power solution. Green Energy Options teams up with national business Off-Grid Energy Australia to assist you with consultation, design, supply and installation of your off-grid solar system. Our consultation process will help us to recognize your needs, while giving you a good understanding of how the system will operate and why we are making each recommendation.

The first step is an on-site load profile consultation where we would assess the site, put together a load profile of your needs and answer any questions that you have. Give us a call today on 1300 931 929 for a free load profile consultation.

Off-grid solar power system

Off-Grid Energy Australia supply a range of premium quality system options, with expert engineering and design, advance battery management technology and  including AC-coupled system solutions, larger commercial applications and smaller holiday home alternatives. Here are a few of our off-grid system options.

  • ShakpakTM is a portable solar powered generator designed to power temporary low demand applications such as caravans, motorhomes, camping, sheds and shacks.
  • The Essential System™ powers holiday homes, weekenders and other smaller efficient dwellings. It provides clean and dependable electricity during times of occupancy and maintains your essential loads while you’re away.
  • The Complete System™ is the most versatile of our Stand Alone Power product range,capable of powering a broad range of medium to large properties including homes, farms, stations and small businesses, with all the reliability of mains power.
  • The Comprehensive System™ is designed to power a range of larger properties, from single dwellings, businesses and homesteads, to stations with multiple buildings and small communities. This powerful system is a comprehensive alternative to grid connection and is adaptable to the largest energy requirements.
  • The GenFree™ System is a revolutionary and industry leading innovation designed by and exclusive to Off-Grid Energy Australia that eliminates the need for costly and polluting fuel powered generators.  Why continue to pay ever increasing fuel costs and live with the nuisance of a generator when all your electricity requirements can be supplied from clean, silent and lower cost renewable sources.

 Large off-grid solar system


There is much talk about grid-connected, solar-battery backup options and how they have the potential to transform the solar industry and our electricity networks. Whether you are just wanting the ability to use electricity during a blackout or you are wanting to explore options for storing your solar electricity to be used at night, instead of exporting it at a low rate into the grid, we can assist you.

  • The Autonomy Unit™ is designed to power your entire property if grid electricity fails.  This system differs from standard battery backup and UPS systems by its ability to run your entire property for extended periods – not just essential loads for a few hours.